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Darkness and Light

Darkness And Light

My friend who died last year came to me in a dream last night and we sang a song together. I always feel so honored when I get to visit with folks in my dreams, whether passed over or just living far away. It was a comfort, and I am seeking comfort wherever I can find it these days.


I find myself lost by the world I am living in. Life is the same, but everything feels different too. I had to turn off the radio off this morning because the host had a guest on who was defending white nationalism. This is the new world we live in, where white power is a legitimate political viewpoint. It makes me sick to my stomach. Before that they were talking about how coal producers are emboldened by the election, and how we are going to see less regulation of industry and banking. It all hurts deeply, so I turned off the radio and looked to nature.


She reminded me that the sun will still rise each morning, birth and death will cycle from now until the end of time. The spring will still come after the winter (climate change or no, spring will still come). A good friend said to me last night, “Nature is really indifferent,” which is hopeful to me. It’s true. Our petty political battles and the way humans hurt each other and the planet over and over again, and the natural world persists.


Rachel Carson warned us that we would have a silent spring if we didn’t ban DDT. We banned it, but we still produce it and sell it to countries that don’t have strong environmental laws. Wendell Berry says, “When despair for the world grows in me… For a time, I rest in the grace of the world. And am free.” Read the full poem here.


It’s a crazy dance that we are involved in. We need to fight for social justice, for all children to live free of fear and violence, for the planet to heal. We also need to love deeply, love everything that lives, love rocks and rivers, and our vision for a better world.



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