Color Saturation

It’s a cool and misty fall morning up here in the Adirondacks. We joke that the weather report is useless up here. The forecast will be for sun and no rain, yet we sit in a cloud all day and the rain comes and goes. I imagine that down valley the sun is shining; we are just caught up in a cloud. They cling to us here, these grey clouds.

My wedding day was also a rainy fall day. I was sad at first. We had to move indoors, no bare feet on the grass, no birch arbor. I couldn’t stay gloomy for long, though. It all played out as it was meant to. The indoor space was a barn adorned with twinkle lights. We still took off our shoes in the ceremony and felt connection to the earth through the old wood floors. The photographer was pleased. She assured me that the grey day made for beautiful photos. All that mist and the light that seeps through the clouds, it makes the colors pop. IMG_0671 And so it is today. Against the clouded sky the autumn trees are ablaze. It’s breathtaking. Living amongst the mountains means every drive is breathtaking views. Someone in town referred to this time of year as color saturation. Today that is what I hold gratitude for.

Happy Autumn!

Empowered Eating E-Course

Empowered Eating: The Local Food E-Course is a course for the philosopher and homesteader in each of us.  Teri (of Homestead Honey) and I have been friends for years and she emailed me a few months ago with a brilliant idea:  to create a class where people can explore the ideas and philosophies of local food while also working on the practical skills necessary to eat local year round.


Empowered Eating