Local Food Ethics

I have a guest post over at Every Growing Farm today.  This one is on Local Food Ethics

Ethical eating is thinking about the environmental and social effects of one’s food choices and making informed decisions based on those values.  The first step is to consider your deeply held ideas of right and wrong… 

Farm Fresh Eggs

Teri of Homestead Honey and I have been working hard on the creation of an eCourse called Empowered Eating that will be offered this summer.  For four weeks starting on August 25th, we’ll explore local food issues in a supportive environment, participate in a two-week local food challenge, and share skills to grow, procure, and preserve local food.  If you are passionate about food and community, please consider joining us on this adventure!  Registration will open on July 28th, but you can visit the Empowered Eating information page right now and sign up for our email list.  (*Bonus: Special discounts will be available only to email subscribers!)


Mama Alone Time

Saturday was a sunny, beautiful day, but I was not feeling it.  I moped around the house, thinking about all the things I didn’t accomplish during the week.  The “shoulds” started to pile up: I should work harder, I should preserve more food, I should write more, I should clean the house, I should be enjoying this day.

I tried to hang out with the kids and chat with my husband, but underneath I was one cranky mama.

Finally I came to the realization that I needed to get out and I needed to be alone.  I tried to figure out what to do.   I could bring my laptop to a coffee shop and work.  I could go to a restaurant with a patio in the sun and splurge on a fancy drink.  I consulted with a friend who was also craving some mama alone time.

“A swim” she said.

I immediately breathed deep and my body started to relax.  I smiled.  I said goodbye to the family for a few hours and grabbed a towel and a water bottle.  Then there was a bit of mama guilt.  I knew I was going to a place the whole family would enjoy.  Should we all go?  I thought about packing picnic lunches and water bottles and towels and waiting until the baby was up from his nap and taking the dogs.  No, this is my alone time.  I need this.

Adk Lake

I sat on a rock and read a book.  I jumped in the water of a cool Adirondack lake.  I swam around and watched the few other folks enjoying this beautiful secluded spot.  My friend showed up and we swam and talked.  No children interrupting, no baby to hold, no dogs to keep tabs on.  I leaned back in the cool water and looked up at the blue sky.